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Welcome to Sands International School. Here at Sands, Our primary goal is to help every student realize his/her unique potential so that he/she acquires knowledge in order to face the challenges of an ever-changing life. Our aim is to develop a responsible citizen who will use discipline, motivation, and self direction to reach his fullest potential. Sands International School has a diverse population of students coming in from many different nationalities, who require the cooperation of supportive parents and quality teachers for their learning. Our sense of dedication is one of the things that distinguishes our school. The learning environment in SIS is friendly and highly motivational. The sense of cooperation among the staff members, students, and the parents is remarkably outstanding. After my 16 years of teaching and holding managerial positions in various educational fields in Riyadh and Middle East, I am proud to be a member of SIS, and I would like to welcome you and your children to our school. Sincerely,

School Activities

Healthy Meal Competition

29 Oct 2014

What a great time we had today! The competition was tough! The girls worked hard and amazingly in harmony with each other and their teachers And the meals looked healthful and delicious Thanks to the Science Department.

شهور السنة الهجرية

21 Oct 2014

شهور السنة الهجرية.. شهورنا العربية.. قامت مدرستنا اليوم بتنسيق مسابقة تعريفية و تشجيعية لتعريف طالباتنا بشهور السنة الهجرية.. بإشراف المشرفة الفاضلة مدام رويدة.. شاكرين لها شهودها...

School Trip for Grade 1

19 Oct 2014

Dear Parents; We would like to inform you that there will be a trip to Sahara mall, only for grade 1 on Thursday 23/10/2014.. We really recommend you to send your child, as it will enhance the relationships between your children and their teachers and friends. It will also improve their self esteem, confidence, ad self dependence.. But if your Child in grade one and will not attend to the trip please don't send hem/her to school on Thursday... Thanks and Regards.

School News

Nov 2014
Planting Day

Planting Day Is Today..

Jan 2015