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Welcome to Sands International School. Here at Sands, Our primary goal is to help every student realize his/her unique potential so that he/she acquires knowledge in order to face the challenges of an ever-changing life. Our aim is to develop a responsible citizen who will use discipline, motivation, and self direction to reach his fullest potential. Sands International School has a diverse population of students coming in from many different nationalities, who require the cooperation of supportive parents and quality teachers for their learning. Our sense of dedication is one of the things that distinguishes our school. The learning environment in SIS is friendly and highly motivational. The sense of cooperation among the staff members, students, and the parents is remarkably outstanding. After my 16 years of teaching and holding managerial positions in various educational fields in Riyadh and Middle East, I am proud to be a member of SIS, and I would like to welcome you and your children to our school. Sincerely,

School Activities

SIS Events In April 2015

21 Mar 2015

SIS Events In April 2015.

Kindergarten Sport Day!!!

07 Mar 2015

Kindergarten Sport Day will be on Thursday March 12th, 2015.

مسابقة الوزارة للأعمال الفنية (Art competition)

07 Mar 2015

Dear Respected Parents , Revealing and enhancing the artistic endowments is one of the most important intentions that Sands International School cares to achieve . The school wants to give the opportunity to our students to participate in “The comprehensive project of The Artistic Creations in Riyadh “ Each creative student can participate in one of the following activity : 1- Creative Drawing . 2- Formative Art . 3- Artistic Design . 4- Digital Art. 5- Skillful printing . • Note : All the creative works should be submitted to the Art Teacher “Mrs .Shima’a” The last date to submit your work is on (Thursday 10th ,March 2015) . Thanks for your cooperation __________________________________ __________________________________________ أولياء الأمور الكرام : إن من أهم الأهداف التي تسعى لتحقيقها مدرسة الرمال العالمية إكتشاف المواهب الفنية وصقل مواهبهم وذلك في مختلف المجالات الفنية وعليه نرغب في إتاحة الفرصة لطلاب وطالبات المدرسة للإشتراك في مشروع المعرض الشامل للأنشطة الفنية على مستوى منطقة الرياض لإبراز تلك الإبداعات والمهارات في جميع الأنشطة الفنية ( الرسم –التصوير التشكيلي – التصميم – الفن الرقمي –الطباعة – أشغال المعادن – التشكيل بالخامات البيئية والمستهلكة –أشغال النجارة – النسيج – الخزف – التصويؤ الضوئي ). تسلم جميع الأعمال إلى معلمة التربية الفنية (أ/ شيماء) في موعد أقصاه (5/3/2015) وتسجيل بيانات المشارك/ة على العمل المقدم . مع فائق الشكر والاحترام ....

School News

Mar 2015
Science Fair Gr. 1,2,&3 Girls, & Boys

There will be a Science Fair for Gr. 1,2,and 3\ Girls, and Boys on Wednesday, 8th of April.

May 2015